Worship Sunday at 9:00 and 10:45 AM


What We Believe

We exist to reach people for Christ and to equip them to serve. We intend to achieve this purpose by preaching the gospel: you are far more broken than you thought, but Christ is far more gracious and able to heal than you had ever hoped.

Principles to be understood and applied: Our operating system, the living water that brings life to everything it reaches.

  1. God’s Scripture: reliable, understandable, authoritative and sufficient. From it we derive the benefits that we receive from being united to Christ, our living water:
  2. Justification (click for a video explanation): in Christ we are forgiven for our sin and accounted as righteous. Received by faith alone, this righteousness can never be lost.
  3. Sanctification (click for a video explanation): the daily work of God’s Spirit conforming us to the image of God’s Son, through daily faith and repentance.
  4. Glorification: the glorious hope of renewal, both in our lives today, and coming at the resurrection.

Practices: The pipes through which the living water contained in the scriptures flows to God’s people.

  1. Worship: The corporate renewal of God’s gracious covenant with us, the special jurisdiction of the Elders. Praise, prayer and sacraments Exposition and application of His word
  2. Fellowship: Deliberate setting aside of time to develop and grow in community together. Created by the Gospel Demanded by the Gospel.

Goals: The external fruit, which we believe will be produced in any church that applies God’s principles.

  1. Evangelism and Missions
  2. Growth in Grace
  3. Fellowship
  4. Service
  5. Biblical World and Life View