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Community and Holiness

I struggled with the same sins for most of my life and finally have come through them in the last year or so. When my problems have been so obvious for so long, where do I start looking next?


Aren't we all addicted to our comfort and pleasure? Why is dying to ourselves in all of life not a normal thing talked about when sin is discussed?


I struggle with having grace and patience for my difficult coworkers. My sin is pride and self-interest. What does it look like to lay aside what causes us to stumble in that situation?


Within community, do you have advice on what to do when you see someone starting to isolate themselves?


Can you speak to the power of 'incrementalism' vs the unrealistic expectations of immediate realization of expectations?


If my job involves people all day, always being full of energy, how do I get past the exhaustion of being in crowds with our family group? How can I recharge to be in the company of my church family?


What if the Christian community that you are surrounded by isn't what you want to become? For example, they don't have the same standards for holiness that you strive for.


Ricky, given the pervasiveness of “isolated holiness” in our Christian culture, I so appreciated your correction, and how the Bible sees brotherly love as “serious Christianity”. Thank you. For our kids, how can we help them understand the difference between secular community (such as sports, school, study groups, etc.) and Christian community, given its importance, given its necessity in fighting sin?


I find myself not liking or being annoyed by a lot of people. Since holiness involves loving your neighbor and being communal, is not liking certain people something that is sinful or that could prevent me from growing in holiness?