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Our New Home

We have, and continue to be, abundantly blessed.

Over the past several years, while meeting in great facilities at Cedar Ridge Elementary and Regent, we have saved more than $300k; this has put us in a very comfortable, fiscally prudent operating position. We believe that maintaining this level of financial stability is important for many reasons, but most specifically, this position allows us to continue our important mission of furthering the kingdom, and our vision, through church planting and evangelistic initiatives throughout the city and region. No matter where we go, where we meet, under whatever name we operate, our mission and goal remains unchanged: To Glorify our Lord and Savior and further his Kingdom in all that we do.

We have recently entered into a contract to lease the former Town & Country school on 101st street. As of now, we are pleased to announce that we anticipate moving into the new building by November 1st. The long term plan for this building is that in five years, we would like to stop leasing and purchase the facility outright. Because of our long term plan to own the building, the officers have decided that it is most important to address our two more pressing concerns: 1.) Nursery space and 2.) making the new facility feel like a permanent church home, welcoming and comfortable for members and visitors alike.

With some significant support from our future landlords, we anticipate investing close to three quarters of a million dollars into the new facility ($750k). While that may seem like a lot, this building has not been updated in over thirty years; this money will go fast. A majority of this investment will go to very important “core” elements like plumbing, heating and air conditioning. In addition to the structural components, the session has decided to invest approximately $400k to expand and improve what will become the future nursery, as well as to improve and re-structure the lobby and sanctuary areas. As noted earlier, we have approximately $300k in savings. We believe that in order to fund this project, we need to raise approximately $350k by October 15th. OU will have just played Texas; OSU will have just played Kansas in Lawrence. It will be here before we know it. Your help, your prayers and your thoughtful support of this very targeted, short term campaign will allow us to fund the expansion / remodel project. At the same time it will also help to build back our financial savings foundation. This is a serious, focused endeavor that is not specifically going towards the purchase of the future facility, but rather to the short term improvement of the facility so we can function and operate comfortably.

Once we move into the new church home in November, it is very likely that we’ll establish and launch a long term building / capital campaign. That campaign will be concentrated with helping us raise money to buy our future church home. Until then, we as a congregation are concerned with funding improvements so we can move and worship in the new facility. Please consider how you can help us with this short term goal of raising $350k. Anything and everything helps; most importantly we need your prayers and support. This is something that we are going to watch, track, monitor, and talk about frequently as a church body as we move toward our goal. If you have considered giving, but are concerned about the timing or didn’t know when to help, now is the time. Every dollar counts. Obviously it is important to emphasize that giving in this regard should not replace your standard tithe. Those monies are equally important and critical in helping the church operate and function on a regular basis. If you would like to give specifically to this cause, please denote “Building” on your checks and we will classify your deposit as such. For the next several months, we are going to begin tracking and printing our progress in the bulletin on a regular basis.

We are in this together, and we have prayerfully considered this decision and believe fully in the direction that has been decided upon by the leadership of the session.

If you have any questions about what we are trying to do, please feel free to touch base with John Marino or any member of the session and we would welcome the opportunity to talk with you about our needs and goals.