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Our Story

When the Creek nation reached the end of the Trail of Tears, they looked for a communal place that had three things: water, protection, and relief. They found those under the Council Oak in what we now call Tulsa.
Over 150 years later, little has changed. Christians are still on a pilgrimage, strangers in a strange land. We still walk through dry land unsatisfied and exhausted by the world. We still need the water that sustains life. We still need hills that protect us from the winds. We still need refreshing shade to give us relief from the heat.

RiverOaks has become those things for our members. By the regular preaching of the Gospel, we pour living water out for all who will come and drink. Our children’s ministry has become a place where our little ‘acorns’ can grow into strong trees of their own. Our community provides relief from the loneliness of the world and safety from the storms of life.

According to Barna, 34% of Americans used to go to church, but now stay home. That statistic is certainly true of Tulsa. Our city is over churched, yet the majority are nearly empty on Sunday morning. The typical Tulsan used to go to church, but grew tired of the treadmill and now stays home. RiverOaks seeks to find these “exvangelicals” and bring them home to the healing love of Christ.

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